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Limits is an interactive M/M visual novel. What happens within is for you to find out. 


Disclaimer: Intended for mature audiences, contains mild language and mentions of substance.


I've created a Patreon page and a Discord Server. Feel free to take a look! (Click the images below.)



Will there be NSFW content? 

- In the future. :)

Creator's Note:

This is just a passion project that I do as a hobby. Apologies for any literature mistakes and etc. English is not exactly my first language but I speak it so frequently and for majority of my life that it might as well be lol. My writing could use some work though... Anyway, thanks for visiting and have a good day.


Character assets were created by me, the backgrounds and some sfx were taken from the internet and mildly edited (Could eventually be replaced), Musics were taken from: https://mixkit.co.

SFX (Most) : https://www.zapsplat.com

It has been confirmed that the Mac build does work... But no promises.

Last but not least, stay safe and thanks for visiting!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(1,224 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsBara, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, LGBT, limits, Mystery, Ren'Py, Romance
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone
LinksPatreon, Twitter


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And the god teir chin game award goes to...


Obviously Pierre, hes hiding a demon core in that mane


I like this so much I'm kind of surprised lol. Something about the story and characters really resonates with me. Super excited to see what's next, especially with roderick

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The characters and story are really well written and qualified, plus the animated characters make this game even more perfect, and boy... the romantizm between MC and chosen characters too......  they are all unique. And you are literally living this feeling 💓



I do not know the reason why, but every single character has an absolutely god-tier chin game going on rn


'Limits' here refers to the limit of their jawlines.


only 2 updates every year well at least it has updates I guess

anyone knows where i can listen to the music its so good


Fish 'em outta game files with rpy extract or click "about" in main menu, it says where he found music (and other stuff)


Just add .zip to the end of the download if your on Android and extract it. You can see all files.


This vn IS really charming.

Lets Hope It gets finished.


It will be ;).

I'll try to anyways!

oh, good!

I was afraid feature creep got the best of you.

Is this game finish? Before I download I hope this game is finish I don't want to wait months 


Unfortunately, this game is nowhere near being finished. Just like 99% of other fvns.

Hey just a question

What are the finished fvn games? The ones I can only think are finished are adastra, echo, arches, and nekojishi

if there are more finished fvn, please let me know because I'm dying for a complete fvn

(2 edits) (+1)

In case of emergency? Deers and Deckards? And maybe Password? Oh, and I heard Rusty punk is finished, didn't play it yet though.

lyre aswell

(1 edit)

Just the first book though. I only counted vns with complete main story for all routes (if they're present). That's why oihs wasn't mentioned, for example. They got first chapter done, but next ones are coming in the future.


Check out my profile, one of the collections is released furry games.

Techniclly Finished

- Extracurricular Activities (Main Routes)

- In case of Emergency

- Deer and Deckards by Kulplant

- Password by Grizz !

- Lyre (first Book)

- Dragon Island by Kulplant (on Steam)

- Only I Have Skills (with grain of salt...)


- Strokkur

- Steadfast

- Clawstar Wrestling !

- Before you depart

Close to be finished:

- Heatsource

- Shelter

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dave is hot!


Dave looks breedable


Nooooo I can't pick between gran, Roderick and pierre....Nah gran all the way...I NEED MORE GRANNN


Sex Scenes?

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Too soon  😒


So no??

Deleted 99 days ago
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Dude don't be like that everyone has their own taste and how they play games I look scenes even if not porn because they show movement and expression and it's okay if you like looking at text to know things but we all play games our way and like our own things so mind your own business, you could just said no simple answer and I would have said okay that fine and left.


Also I am a furry who likes does sex scenes and also the character are hot just to say it.


Also look at my description it explained it'd self since you like story and reading text, how come you did not read a 1 sentence description of what I like.


i'm really in love with this game XD


drakes artstyle never failed to amazed me and the vns storyline is interesting hoping for more grans route onward of the story im quite cliffhang in this one the just have to kiss like ughhhhh auahhahahahaha i know my limits so im just waitng hehe


dave my beloved, i've missed you

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David o.o' UwU... Fantastic update

(5 edits)

Dave day 2..... Wtf why didn't itch notify me 😤... also I didn't even know patreon had an update or I would have paid for it early ☹️ You should post on here when patreon gets updates! it really is a shame I can't follow on patreon and receive a notification when there's new major updates for me to resubscribe to.


This vn has a special place in my heart, reading it is so comforting.

look i was all in for gran and chief norman, but dave's day 2 really took over both of them and i will never recover from this (i love dave sm)


I know I've said it before but I love this VN. I've recently come back after a break and Gran is just so precious. The chemistry between him and the MC is just adorable!

I've run into a bit of an issue. I don't know if it has been brought up before, but I am getting multiple versions of the same scene as I playthrough the game. For example, I am in the middle of Dave Day 1 when Dan comes out of the shower and meets Samantha.

In the first version fo the scene Dan doesn't recognize her, they introduce themselves, and Dan asks where Dave is and Samantha tells him and that he'll be back soon.

Right after that the second version starts and Dan does recognize her and somewhat remembers her name. They proceed to introduce themselves, in the process Samantha mentions that it makes sense since you were hanging around Dave and his pals before Dan asks about where Dave is and she answers.

To add, this isn't the first time I have encountered this issue. I had a similar issue with the scene after returning to the police station after going out with the Chief for lunch. In that instance it had an additional layer as I had chose to go with Oppenheimer so had taken a shower at his apartment before returning to the police station and going out with the Chief to lunch.

That's strange... must be some variables issues. I'll look into it! Thanks for letting me know!



Day3 maybe is 3year later🥲



Oh Dave, my heart is melts


Gran my beloved ❣️ PLEASE I NEED YOU


Btw if anyone asked, I'm married to gran so no, he's already taken


Oh dang.

I guess I was too late to ask him out, eh?



🎉🥳💃 I've been following the growth of this VN for a long while and I'm always looking forward for the next update <33 If I could say something about this VN it's that the art for the characters is just so lovely and 🥰🤗🤩Visual novels take a lot of work and effort to do!! So please take your time cooking this delicious meal 🤭🤭 I believe the wait is worth it for this VN (and for a lot of other visual novels too!!) Anywho that's just a little positivity for today!! :DD

this vn is a source of a lot of my daydreams tbh 🤭 can't help it tho <3 im just starstruck about a lot of the characters BHABHBH especially dearest Dave mmmm yes dragon malewife hubby


Thank you for the support!

I appreciate it ;)



Didn't like it. The protagonist is soulless (and the way the game tries to evoke sympathy to him comes across as emotionally manipulative and hamfisted, constantly reminding us how pathetic he is), the worldbuilding is non-sensical (Why Police force don't use those power orbs if they are the ones who need them the most?), The plot is boring (The protagonist just keeps being dragged around town by every person he meets because he is someone important... apparently) and the update schedule is so long I can't imagine how anyone can have patience for waiting for updates. The artstyle are unique and guys are hot, but sadly that's not enough for me :-(


Thanks for playing! 

I work solo for the most part and this project is more of a hobby/passion thing so updates are released when I get the time to work more on them.



I understand that, but I wish you too would understand that there is so much patience people have, and if it took you whopping 3 — 4 years just for its main love interest to get its second day then maybe you shouldn’t make visual novels at all, because at this point its disrespectful towards both casual readers for tasting their patience and patreon supporters for wasting their money.  

(2 edits) (+17)

You sound bitter for whatever reason. I don't charge upfront for Patreon, and usually I withheld charging for the months that I don't update. And this isn't a business, Patreon is meant to be for those who wants to support. No one is obligated to. It is not compulsory. Stop treating it like one.

And disrespectful how? I'm not obligated to do literally anything/release content other than because of my want. You seem to be very entitled about it for whatever reason. I appreciate the support of my fans of course and it motivates me to keep making them.

 This VN is free. If you don't like it, move on. Go outside, touch grass. 

You DON'T have to read it. You CAN criticize it, but this isn't constructive at all. There's a lot of malice to it for it to even take seriously. 


You do know they have a life right? They're not obligated to make updates frequently for anyone, it's just a hobby he likes making.

This is not some big project VN or something, this is just 1 person that likes making VN's and showed it to the world. 

Is his update schedule wack? Sure it is but that doesn't mean you can decide on which person can or cannot make a VN because of their time management, like who knows maybe he got some problems in life that he needs to sort out before having free time again to make an update.

Also VN's are just a game you pass time with, not your life centered around it. If you really want to and wait for 4 years just for a single update then you have to get a life or just read some other VN's.

Note this is a work of 1 person and they can do whatever they want with it and it is not our place to judge him or his time management

Also if your going to give constructive criticism, be nice 🙂👍


> You do know they have a life right?

Okay? Then why even bother making anything? I mean as far as I am aware even doing this much work already have taken out from dev's life, so why even bother at this point?

> They're not obligated to make updates frequently for anyone, it's just a hobby he likes making.

The moment you entice your audience to spend their pretious time and emotional investment on your product you *do* become obligated to deliver on it, "it's just a hobby" isn't an excuse anymore. It would be one thing if it would be just a collection of short stories, but this is a somekind of slowburn mystery with multiple plotlines going on, an I can say with 90% that none of them are ever going to get resolved because both the audience and its creator will run out of patience before that. 

> Also if your going to give constructive criticism, be nice

Ok you are right on that one, but with death of freedom of expression when you always have to be nice to everyone it's becoming increasingly difficult to just not let it all out. I always tried to be nice to vn's I've criticised and it led it to me writing some absurd posts and previews with something like "right now this novel is kinda shit but I still have faith in it" because large portion of fvns are so bad I have feeling they were written by chatgpt (althought at least this vn isn't of those so I guess I can give it that as a compliment)


You certainly don't need to be nice just because people ask you to, but I do believe it's a better strategy to convince the person you speak to.

I know it's hard for some people (that includes me), but the first impression is important, try not to fail it when your goal is to convince people.

(1 edit)

Your right on those points, the dev has a really whack update schedule and I'd be lying that I can wait for a Gran day 3.

But even so, isn't that all fvn's? I don't see a fvn that has a weekly update, either it takes 2-3 months to put out an update or an entire year so you really have to lower your expectations and just hopelessly wait (this is copium) even my favorite fvn can have delays and there's really nothing we can do.

We either bash the dev to make more consistent updates (will not work) or fossilize until a new update comes out 😭 we can't really do anything.


Naho! I agree with you! really many or well almost all games here in the patreon which are short stories, have to wait many months up to a year because the "game maker" collapsed or other explanation.... why do they then make ten different games at the same time? I do not understand! homecoming morenatsu revisited is one example! the game has been made for years yet has not progressed anywhere because they are doing other games at the same time! really outrageous but money is good for them! Prehistoric Relations Crew is also one game that was updated 2 years ago and nothing has been reported or said what the reason is! alarming to my mind and outrageous that they do about!


Dude, homecoming is a passion project, you can't expect them to update it often. Especially when they stick to schedule with Santa Lucia, their main project. And last PR update was just a year ago, not two. I can totally understand frustration, but it doesn't do any good to anybody.


You paid zero dollars for a passion project man


"Why Police force don't use those power orbs if they are the ones who need them the most?"

Because orbs are dangerous af for their users and you can't force every police officer to use one. If their world have laws similar to ours, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to force anyone into bonding with orb (which is said to be dangerous on its own), because hu… err… beastman rights. Plus, you can't tell if orb will be useful in battle before bonding with it.

(2 edits) (-7)

I haven't reached this explanation because the game was so excruciatingly dull, but, isn't it kind of the entire job of the police? To sacrifice their own safety for the sake of civilians? If yes then the government will absolutely want them to use them in order to improve their effectiveness at it, and if they don't want that — they won't be hired to begin with. And on that note

> You can't tell if the orb will be useful in battle before bonding with it

First of all, they don't necessarily have to be useful in the battle to help the police with their job, as it involves much more other things besides gunfights. But more importantly,  you mean to tell me this world hasn't got a clue how its own rules work? For the entire time of its existence, no one bothered to conduct research to test those orbs and figure out how they function? I find that to be unbelievable. 


Were you, like, reading? Orbs are simply not something to be relied on. Any sane person will use his powerful orb only in case of emergency and pay hefty price for it. Possibly die. Weak orbs may not even be worth using. And yes, orbs are still a subject of research. So I guess police of their world values lives of their officers more than insignificant ability boost (cuz, well, there are other tools and equipment besides orbs and boring police uses them instead of suicide tickets).


I find it funny that you talk about this vn, as if it were a product that you are paying for and the creator is late in delivering it, Dude, get a life, stop sitting in front of your computer 24/7


Hear ye, Hear ye,

Dave's Day 2 has been posted on my Patreon.

What kind of shenanigans will you get up to with the dragon?

Thanks for the support!


Is there a date for the public Release?

I usually release them a couple weeks after the initial Patreon release!



When Gran day 3? 😭 I'm going to explode HES SO FUCKING HANDSOME I NEED MOAAARRR

my guess is that his 3rd day is gonna come after all have day 2.might be wrong tho


Gran day 3 when. :3


After Roderick's day 2, I'd assume. Just lie down and fossilize until it's time to replay :)

how come theres a sprite of dave crying? i havent seen it in game


I really need to know what's next in Norman's route... i'm in love with that cute bear and I'm looking forward to the next update. :) excellent history and characters, grea work.


I like this visual novel very much. It's about half a year since I last played it. Since I played the original version for the first time until the end, I've been looking forward to the next update. It turns out that the wait is worthwhile. It's the same this time. I'm looking forward to the next update. You're doing great, come on!

Oh,how can I get  Norman?👿👿👿


So we have to wait another half of an year to get another update? :')


Still no update yet?...</3


Who took a photo of me waiting for update?



What's this game about? There's no summary or any About the VN.


You're a human working an office job, when one day you wake up in the basement of an abandoned house seemingly in another world with beastmen. Avoiding spoilers here obviously, it's worth  playing. The writing, storytelling, characters, everything is so well written and it keeps your attention for sure :)


Gran D2 is just what I need for the long waiting 😭😭 my heart has been fulfilled 😭😭😭😭


Spoilers for the latest build...





So LEWD! Holding hands?! Before marriage?!?! IN PUBLIC?!?!?

well worth the wait though!

Deleted post

In the gym I guess, don't mind me if I am wrong

Deleted post

Gran my beloveeeed <3 

The wait was worth it.

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