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Limits is an interactive M/M visual novel. What happens within is for you to find out. 


Disclaimer: Intended for mature audiences, contains mild language and mentions of substance.


I've created a Patreon page and a Discord Server. Feel free to take a look! (Click the images below.)



Will there be NSFW content? 

- In the future. :)

Creator's Note:

This is just a passion project that I do as a hobby. Apologies for any literature mistakes and etc. English is not exactly my first language but I speak it so frequently and for majority of my life that it might as well be lol. My writing could use some work though... Anyway, thanks for visiting and have a good day.


Character assets were created by me, the backgrounds and some sfx were taken from the internet and mildly edited (Could eventually be replaced), Musics were taken from: https://mixkit.co.

SFX (Most) : https://www.zapsplat.com

It has been confirmed that the Mac build does work... But no promises.

Last but not least, stay safe and thanks for visiting!

Updated 12 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(965 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsBara, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, LGBT, limits, Mystery, Ren'Py, Romance
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone
LinksPatreon, Twitter


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Limits-1.10.3-android.apk 248 MB
Limits-1.10.3-linux.tar.bz2 225 MB
Limits-1.10.3-mac.zip 226 MB

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I absolutely love this VN. It was the first one I've ever played, and honestly it's still one of my favorites. I love the artstyle, characters, story, you name it.

Other than being a little sad that my save is broken from the new update (I know that's a Ren'Py thing, not a problem with the game), I'm so happy this is still getting updates!

Drakes, thank you so much for your awesome game!

Draaakes, stop with the puns!
I'm gonna die of laughter!


I probably won't!

I love you for these. This is why I can't wait to see what you come up with in the near future.

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XD damn Normie, wonder where I can get myself an invisibility cloke from harry potter too

Which version was this from?

1.10, the one that you can currently download

This should already be fixed in the hotfix build I uploaded, 1.10.3. If your version is still the first 1.10 build, redownloading the new update should fix that issue. 

Take care~


Is this in Norman's route cause I cannot find it ? Please let me know :(((

It is an extra scene called "Damon's Day Off" accessible from the "Extras" section in the main menu.

And it is delightful and worth it.

Thank you so much ! 

I've been so excited for the new updates! Gran's route is the one I'm most interested in but until then I'm looking the others, despite not having much I've been liking everything I've played so far✨

By the way a bug I found, after I choose Rod's route, when I make a save the menu shows "Blue Orb" despite me choosing the Red Orb, not sure if it's a writing error or if the game actually changed my orb-.. (Later on I checked the others and it seems to happen with every route option actually)

I tried restarting and saving in another slot but save result



Which version of the 1.10 build is this? You can check it in the main menu of the VN, specifically in the bottom right corner.

Thank you~


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Hewo! It says "1.10.3" on my game, it's the latest you can download here I believe 


I've had the same problem before but I realized it's brcause I used an old save(pre-update) before and that's why my orb got defaulted to Blue. 

If you start a fresh save, it will keep the color of your orb even when you pick Rod's route.

Is the Roderick bleping sprite replaced with another? Because if so it will be missed.

It'll make a return!



Glitch/Bug: I don't think Norman is supposed to be here...

(1 edit) (-2)

hm they look similar thats norman idk what you mean but that look like norman


Not sure if you're joking, but cg is of Roderick. Norman's sprite with the bandage thing near his ear is a giveaway that he isn't in the cg. The narrator is supposed to be the one talking for that line anyway, so the sprite shouldn't even be there


maybe norman wanted to speak your not the boss of norman (funni man funni man noramn, he speaks for all funni norman)

(1 edit) (+1)

He is not supposed to be there, no. Should be fixed in the next build! 

Thanks for playing.



I wanna play but the art style is putting me off

Is it worth it?


hmmm, maybe its bc your not used to other art styles. and maybe should give new things a try. so try it, it has a great story, you wont regret it unless you just dont like it, well opinions-omshenions.

Absolutely should try it out, it's worth it and maybe you love it!

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excuse me but, i think you got little something missing from you, is this what they meant by shirtless norman i never knew chaos existed until now





Haha, and it's the scene where he's got no clothes. Unfortunate!

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u... how dare you i.. witness chaos and this is how you help you should be ashamed (hahahaha funi norman, im just surprised that he just head i was laughing my ass off )

We all need more Norman in our lives :')


He's bearly hanging there... ;9

i was sad until i knew Rodrick existed, he's my fluffy boio hes perfect 


It should be fixed now in build 1.10.2! Sorry for the inconvenience. 


i can't wait for more, gran is my baby

Y-yo... This was a full series of twists that I didn't know I needed...
Thanks, Drakes~! πŸ’™






i got a bug where norman's sprite turns into a headless torso lmfao, i just had to restart the game in order to fix it,  i'm loving this vn so much tho


it's not a bug it's a feature



What's the name of Pierre's theme? It's been stuck in my head but I don't know where to find it.


Cant wait for more (: especially hubby gran content <3


yoooo, cant even say how happy i am that this got an update. glad you're doing well and i look forward to future stuff


Thanks for playing!


I've got a question about your menu, like the save and load screen and options screen, I've seen many other types of games with this same type of screen and was wondering if you use a certain system or app to make this game?


That's Ren'Py, the engine


I can not help but laugh my ass off when Pierre did the main characters hair. Tell me you wanna fuck my dad without telling me you want to fuck my dad. Dude is literally giving the main character the same hair style as his dad. Next thing you know when they get clothes he's gonna dress him up in the same clothes as the father. 

I'm kidding, well mostly.  Dude gives me majorly weird vibes when he talks about my dad then looks at me and flirts. If you couldn't tell he's my favorite. 


Roderick next update LET'S F****** GOOOOOOO πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


Just played the latest build and it was awesome!

Pierre is such gentleman  πŸ˜


the game is really good, but in the future there might be a way to skip the prologue, I know you must have worked hard on this project, but maybe it will be useful for an hour (I had a bug and I had to uninstall :( 


Update!~ more dragon, more bear, yes.


I missed this game!, I hope your doing well now Drakes

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yesssssss... dream come true!! he's back!!



(1 edit) (+3)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA omfg an update ~!!


Yum XD


A slight oversight but it should be fixed in later updates! Sorry!

Thanks for playing.



No problem Drakes~  XD
at least I enjoy Norman Chief manly chest >//w//<


It might be an error/oversight, But it is definitely not a *problem*.


Yeah~~~ ^^

LOL that happened to me too. I guess bc I played that DT segment first?
(I had removed the game from my tablet in the interim and had to start over bc my tablet us a butt and won't let me see where saves are hidden)


Lets see what changes in Pierre Route, wish he could be less suspicious.


Let's goooo

I missed you alot, Drakes! 





a a 

a les gooooooooooooooooooooo


The long awaited update!


Letsss go Limits update 



I kid you not, when I saw limits got another update, I couldn't believe my eyes!

In a way, it kinda feels like an early birthday present. (I say that because it's coincidentally my birthday tomorrow-)

I was already in disbelief when I saw the notification for 1.09 because a few minutes before seeing it, I saw a notification for Fatal Force as well.

I wonder if any other vns I like will get an update soon...


Happy birthday in advance πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Έ


Thank you very much :D


Happy birthday and thanks for the support!


(2 edits) (+1)

Thanks a lot, this made my day a bit better :D

And no problem! I think Limits is a masterpiece, so keep up the good work when you can! :]


My life became amazing been waiting for this day for so long, let's have a fun day with pierre


Thanks for playing and the support!






Wait, is that a prank? 


holy shit


Gran~ I miss you~


Is the game on hiatus or is the creator taking a break


He needs time, after all, he is working on it, but he is taking a break


Taking a break ?  it's been a year since there was an update... 


Art needs a shiton of time sometimes

Yes, and he deserves that break after all.


Yeah, we need to be patient, he needs support, not stress or haste


take all the time you need, we can wait  for how long it takes for the next update no rush.


Is this game abandoned?


its a hobby so basically yes

(2 edits) (+15)(-5)

Basically, no.  He posted a picture about the game a few weeks ago on the discord server of limits vn.  And considering the picture,  I think he was working on Roderick's route.  As he is a solo creator, it will take him a lot more time and effort to complete any updates than others. 


Ah, ok. Thanks for the information. 

No :)

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