Update 1.08- The Polar Bear 30/6/2021

Hey Hey!

So what's in store for this 1.08 update?

NOTE: Gallery is not fully functional at the moment. Some buttons will return you to the main menu.

As the title suggests, Norman day 1 is finally here! It took me a while to push an update, as before; thanks for being patient with me! That aside, you will now be able to select Norman's route from the selection screen and play through his first day!

A couple of new characters are being introduced, one being a hunky avian and another being a reserved feline. They are the side characters that may become more prominent in Norman's route, specifically the former.

The gallery has been worked on a little more, with new animations and new screens and a prototype of the 'sprites creation' menu. For now, it is only implemented for Gran (Elementary and barebones, but the idea is there.)

The side character menu section for the Gallery has also been implemented and the Backgrounds used in the VN. The side character's gallery preview can be unlocked by meeting the character. (Persistent variable.) However, clicking on them will do nothing other than lead you back to the main menu for now. lmao

Again, thank you, everyone.

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Fixes and Changes:

  • Some more proofreading in the back...
  • All character's expressions should have a blink animation.
  • Nerfed Gran's abs. lol
  • The textboxes for mobile users should work correctly now.
  • Increased time between each blink... haha

New Updates:

  • Norman's first day!
  • Character Sprites now blink! (Should be for all characters!)
  • New Gallery menu.
  • The reveal of a couple of new side characters!
  • More dialogues.

Future Plans:

  • Make the VN look or feel a bit more animated.
  • Create new clothes for Dave and Gran. (Already a work in progress!)
  • New sprites for side characters and/or main ones. (WIP!)
  • Continuation of the story...
  • To create CG Gallery and/or Music. (In Progress!)
  • Create more CGs.
  • Maybe create a sprite for the MC...?
  • Optimise storage usage. (Reduce file size) Done!
  • Some other things that I haven't really thought about...
  • Re-haul Norman's assets. Done
  • Create a comic-like sequence. (New)
  • Memory and quick start feature. (New)


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Jun 30, 2021
Limits-1.081-pc.zip 202 MB
Jun 29, 2021
Limits-1.081-android.apk 208 MB
Jun 29, 2021

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man i CANT wait to play the new update


I don't really think a MC sprite is necessary or would make a good difference, personally I like a mcs without a sprite so that way we can picture ourselves in the situation or at least have a better grasp on doing it in certain moments of the history, and the first-person POV makes it really easy to do too.

But that's just a personal taste since a MC sprite wouldn't probably fit with everyone playing, so leaving it to the reader's imagination is a better move imo.



and that smile.. that freaking smile.... my heart.... help.. its gonna burst... norman... help me...


i dont know why but i wanna cry right now.. :') norman ughhhhh.... god. am a simp for bears...


Personally imo i dont feel a sprite for the MC is needed at least in this vn. youve done a great job of creating an atmosphere and feel for the player that makes one feel directly involved and personally addressed in the vn with how you have the perspective. an mc sprite would also result in shifting the perspective of the characters away from the player to a stand in MC that some may or may not be able to relate to directly. this is of course all my opinion based on having played other vn's.


Noted. Thanks for the feedback!


anyone who uses the word "anywho" is either perfect for me or way to carefree and awesome for this realm.


So, anywho...




Please, don't create a sprite for the MC, it takes the player aside from the first person experience.


Yeah uh….agreed


Noted. Thanks for the feedback!

Damon kind of looks like a Bull, not a Cat... Or is it just me that he looks like that?

(2 edits) (+1)

He is a bull lol. The feline is another character. x)


Oh, you didn't posted pictures of the feline, then? 

Well, he's in the game. I try not to show everything in the screenshots.

Great job on your game Steadfast dudes, it's really difficult to make love scenes so romantic without making them NSFW .

But you did it 👏

yesssssss thank you!




YESSSSSS thanks Drakes, the waiting was worthy it.

Thanks for the support!


Birb <3




Its been 3 months worth of waiting. Thanks for the update

Thank you for playing!