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Is the game on hiatus or is the creator taking a break


take all the time you need, we can wait  for how long it takes for the next update no rush.


Is this game abandoned?


its a hobby so basically yes

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Basically, no.  He posted a picture about the game a few weeks ago on the discord server of limits vn.  And considering the picture,  I think he was working on Roderick's route.  As he is a solo creator, it will take him a lot more time and effort to complete any updates than others. 


Ah, ok. Thanks for the information. 


I really enjoy this story',but after seeing coment Section i stop read it, i didn't want to attached,by something neglected


it's has been a year after the last update :') when will we get another one huhu, is the developer ok tho ? 


When is the next update 😭





Ngl, i miss them all.ll


It would be better if there were Chinese, and I will look forward to and support it more。


Oh, Roderick... one day, we'll be looking at the clouds together. 

I'm still waiting for this day


Waiting for the next update :D !! 


not sure but last i checked the creator was busy with school and other things so probably not till they finish or things calm down for them i believe they said. 


Anyway I did enjoy the story but like does anyone know when the next update will be


Happy one year anniversary since the last update everyone, here's to another. Also few weeks away from the 2 years anniversary since the first update.

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oop- it's been a year now. Hope new update soon ig


i love the story so far, im kinda concerned about the fact that last update was almost 1 year ago... anyway if i can give a feedback the font. please change it. i mean yeah its cool but its really hard to read on that honestly




Hope for the best!


Im glad the project is still continuing!!


I hope you don't abandone this vn and keep updating it as soon as you can (we are not forcing you though cause everyone have problems so please inform us if you will gonna drop this vn so we will not wait for updates anymore cause its been months of waiting for us)


Don't worry! Drakes is still working on this project! From what I heard, perhaps, he and Grunsteel might be working on another side project like Steadfast this year. As for ' limits vn ', he has revealed a preview recently. Still, it might take him some time to do that


I found this on the discord server not long ago and  I heard that this guy is Gran's dad


though I don't think we'll have any updates soon

Well damn


Does that make him a... gran-dad?

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Honestly, it hasn't been that long since I started playing this game, but I can only say that it's something very beautiful, interesting, and above all great! I really want to see even more of this novel (especially Gran hehe) but I can't stop thinking about the other characters and the main plot, this is one of the few cases where I am interested in something as incredible as this.


If you enjoyed this, then check out Distant Travels by Gruntsteel. Drakes has done some of the art work for that vn and in fact, you will find some crossover of characters from Limits in Distant Travels, done with permission from Drakes of course. Both projects are hobby type developments so updates are whenever they happen. Distant Travels has that same warm feeling effect, but the story is much more developed than Limits.

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So… This is a wonderful game and for once, I got the feeling I was in a warm embrace~. Now the feeling I will explain later but for now, let’s give something to read to the ones that still searching for an opinion before playing. Also, I would like to apologize for the sheer amount of reading I’m leaving here. I got lost in writing yet I feel like got it summarized as much as possible.

I had an astounding ride of a change of worlds. For once, this one left me feeling like in clouds and a warm embrace. I can say that I have been reading many VN’s probably around… 40?! Wow… Ok, I’m addicted to VN’s, I have to admit it. But none of them left me feeling this strange warmth after reading it. As for the story and plot… well there is enough to have a fun talk. But I have to admit that it feels too fast to have a… Beast man? Furry? Sorry, I can’t distinguish this right now. Still, I had a big dumb smile while enjoying the routes.

Question to anyone: are furries, Beast mans? or I’m in the wrong here? I can’t find the difference since I have seen many concepts behind this world of… furries on VN’s. I do not know if I’m addressing them right…

There are spoilers after this! Be ready,there are long lines of text.

First, I have to do this every time. I do try to honestly say my opinions while trying to leave a positive review. I’m by no means an expert in writing or storytelling, or even English since it is my second language. But first impressions are still a good point of view and a place to see what attracts some people. The current review is done on Build: 1.081

Also, I judge mostly on the story and characters themselves but not on their looks. Which is easy for me. But I know many go for the other stuff…

This is how I do this: I mostly try to review per route but, since it is just starting, I kinda feel bad since it is short. And will update for any content that gets added. After that I will review per department: Audio, Narration/writing, Art, and finally eye candy~. I know the game isn’t finished!

Before the routes: Oh! It feels like months passed by so, By not remembering some things is worrying me right now. I can recall the stories on some VN’s but this one did not get me as I expected… I had to do a little reading of my brainstorming notes to refresh my memory. Not a good thing not to be able to remember the start of the journey. Our character is an interesting one we know him… as a man that lost most of his family already.

His father disappeared and his mother died. I wasn’t expecting a full tragic start at all. We know that this character later turns into a fun person to hang out with. Anyway stopping with my non-important inner monologue here. The world of the character’s origin and the new world that we get transported was interesting… to say at least. I choose a tea to calm MC(Main Character) down. And he drifts to sleep and wakes up in a similar world he was in, but in this case, there are… Beast men? Furries! … Ok… This one is going to be troublesome. Anyway… MC wakes up to a Furry person. He walks and talks is a tiger and we see MC punch him to see if he is in a dream. This part was hard to remember.

We get to know the main cast and our choices to date. At this time we see 3 available to get with. The first one we get to know is the tiger, Gran. What I got from him was: “He is an energetic but, a worry gentle guy… sometimes a teasing one too. Also a little overprotective? Or is he…” Gran took us out to eat something after waking up in this new world. Also, he noticed we had an Orb. These orbs are tools that let us use their power in some way. They are a little unknown thing for us at the moment. When we arrive at a dining place, we get to meet one of Gran’s friends Dave. The second option: Dave is a dragon… or well it seems to be. This is what I got from how he is: “A change of air! He is timid yet, he has a sense of authority, but not to the point of being an adult. He allows you to choose decisions, and he wants you to be the one choosing what to do. With a warming heart, he invites you in.”. But when we meet him we are seen as some dangerous person. MC doesn’t understand why but he worries since he is an Orb user.

After a while, we get to go to a Police Station (PD). There we meet some characters but the main one that we got to focus on was the Chief of the Department, Chief Norman, he is a bear… But, it took me a long time to figure it out. I honestly thought that he was a different kind of breed of dog. He seemed more dog-like to me than to a bear. Norman is our third and last option at the moment. This is what I got from him, how he truly is: “He is authority, sometimes he acts before knowing about it. He might be a bit reserved, and sometimes timid. But his heart truly gives a wonderful warmth. Caring like a father yet more closely than any other.”.

-I’ll cut short here so when the new characters that need to be added get their day I can add more to explain how we meet them. And this is how we meet our characters, or well, our future boyfriends.

Per route:

Gran’s Route: Gran is 25, He looks old and shows a sense of maturity and a sense of authority in his job after all he is a police officer. My time with him even if it was for a day was fun! Enjoyed the time with him he made me laugh so many times, and other times make me worried. He doesn’t know that he sometimes acts badly I can say the same thing that MC said “A good, and charming goof”. He is fun to hang with, more than expected. Also… He teased MC to get his number…

Dream introduction: The dream we get with Gran is one full of lust. Gran having a sense of overpowering MC gave him a steamy press of each other’s bodies. But, ending with a comforting and soft kiss.

Dave’s Route: Dave… I did not get too much while playing with him, what I mean is that I did not get his age at all. He seems like a teenager since he was dressed up in a typical University US style of clothing. Dave seems more mature than Gran. Since he gave me Gran’s number because he knew Gran would tease me to get it. He also knew our intentions of helping him… he asked why we wanted to help him instead of staying in the PD. He seems shameless to show his body to MC since he gets to start undressing in the same room as him too. I got the feeling he is sensitive sometimes. Also, we know he is into us.

Dream introduction: The dream we get with Dave is one with a sense of… dreed and darkness… loneliness. But, with a warming touch. Dave gives MC to choose, to be in control. But also gives us the sense of security and warmth MC needed. Dave sensed that MC was scared and asked not to be scared of him. Dave let MC do the first move. With a hand on Dave’s chest and a hand on his cheek, MC closes his eyes and delivers a kiss. Sadly I do not get what kind of kiss was.

Chief Norman’s Route: Norman is 37, He is a whole different thing. Norman is interested in MC but he is too timid to show it. MC knows it but doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable. MC’s impressions of Norman are a bit weird. He sensed authority coming from Norman but also, solitude, and an overpowering feeling of intimidation. During his route this was one of the things I had in my mind: “What I think is that he is not that bad or well he doesn’t mean to become a little intimidating is probably how he acts in his office. Maybe is he doing it without realizing.”.

MC clearly wants to talk to Norman, but he says to speak to Doc, MC thinks “What if I want to talk to you instead…?”. Clearly showing interest. Also during one time it seems this thing pops almost every time I read a VN the age gap thing. Is even here! I honestly did not expect it. Is this normal? I mean in a sense of a young person wanting to date someone older? Is this some kind of taboo?

Dream Introduction: We are in a cabin with clothes drenched. It is raining outside. Norman enters and offers to cover with blankets and a cup of hot chocolate. Norman was wearing a teen’s outdoor-style clothing. What I can get from the scene was that we were freezing from the cold so we get closer to a fireplace, with Norman. He asked us to sit on his lap, cuddling with MC and snuggling closer to MC with kisses on the neck. The last kiss is on the lips and is a warm tender kiss.

After reading everything the one ending dream that got me feeling in the clouds was Norman’s route. I was feeling the whole scenario I felt like I was living in that place at that moment. Creating and imagining the whole scenario was so soothing and warming. I was about to fall asleep from reading since it was at night. I did sleep with that feeling and it was wonderful.

I might be a sucker for bears now that I think about it~.

All right now is time to go to the Department Review.

Audio: Music is a form of art and I know when there are feelings in a song, the intro/main menu song is a masterpiece for the whole game. It fit the whole scenario and feelings that this project tries to convey. Warm, slow, and passionate. At the moment I have no complaints about music since they fit exceptionally well.

Narration/Writing: Although I understand grammar is not my forte I’m not reviewing grammar. I’m reviewing the story itself and its characters. So here is something I can say. I was immersed. I feel like I was MC for some moments. Other times the full charm of the characters showed in and shinned like a true person. A feeling of connection was created.

Art: This art is charming! I’m in love with this style. And the little but noticeable blink on every character is a plus for me. It looks like a kind of comic inside of the gallery and I love the style.

Eye-candy: Since the game is starting there is none.

Extra: I’m adding this since now I started creating a brainstorm every time I want to review a VN and sometimes I get some of my thoughts in it. You can judge me for this I don’t mind at all. I think this will show some of the things that get to my head. And this one was… surprising and kinda embarrassing so enjoy. And for the interested, my choice of the perfect partner, in this case, would be Norman… Unless we get the wolf route on the next update.

“Hahaha! Okay, so this is going to be a fun ride I can tell for the stupidity of a simple question. HE asked where is here, answering the room, not the location.”

“We returned with the lion to his apartment to take a shower and finally clean ourselves, though it seem sad that I did not stay. I understand that he might want to but we still have no idea to who go for it. I’m debating with Dave or the wolf.”

“Even after that, we learn that the lion and Gran are overprotective. Hehe, Norman is on me too… Man does everyone try to hit him or what.”

Gran’s Route:

“Gran caught me by surprise while opening the infirmary door. I almost fell over but talk about cliche here hehe~.” “Gran is now our supervisor. We applied for an internship. Is going to be a handful one hehe~.”

“Definitively got the tiger charmed for me “I’m happy that it’s you…” I see no regrets in saying that. All right, so patrol time also Gran seems to be playing with us now and then. Cheeky one~. Glad he is having fun, with me around. Also… a lot of cheekiness coming from this guy.”

“Actually since starting I’m sure I would have noticed since I been brainstorming here. I know Gran has a soft spot for Lil ol me, so he really wants to be by my side , heh. I’m happy with this turn of events but… I hope I’m not left hanging since… I know how the developer took this as a hobby project. sigh why do good projects sometimes end up in a bad spot?”

Dave’s Route:

“OH! Dave knows that we are after him.”

“Dave got a bit ahead… is he shameless or did he forget we are here?”

“Sam noticed that Dave’s behavior changed and she knows that he kinda likes him in some way or another. And MC revealed a card without knowing it! Dave on the other hand was a little sad knowing that MC was searching for his father’s cooking classes. And flattery starts to appear without MC noticing. Also, the poor dragon mind seems to see us in an apron and gave him an awed face while looking at us, I guess he likes what he sees.”

Norman’s Route:

“Changing subject we go to the internship this time though… we get the intimidating part of Norman. But, what I think is that he is not that bad or well he doesn’t mean to become a little intimidating is probably how he acts in his office. Maybe is he doing it without realizing it?”

“Haha, Norman looks funny with an officer hat~.”

“I know cheesy stuff when I see it but this was way too cheesy… stretching a hand back of the pillow to the character’s direction is a classic move. I have to admit cute in this world yes but… because of… you know… their bodies of animals? I mean… Yes, I have been doing reviews on furry visual novels but… I somehow look at them in the way of a human instead of a creature… if that makes sense?”

“I guess I do not care for the superficial I care for the internal part of the characters. Is hard for me to explain but I do not feel like their bodies are what get me attracted to them… I’m more intrigued I guess because it is a Gay, Novel… something that I have yet to experience.”

“Yeah, I’m a lone wolf if I was a fersona… furry? and existed in the world of these characters. Anyway…”

“Wait… so Damon is helping on setting up? What is going on? Do they know my intentions of getting close to Norman? Or does Norman even think about it? I believe we got set up?”

“Let me insist on the age thing. 37… well I can see why he was somewhat hesitant but… It seems we don’t mind the age gap. Heh~ I guess is normal to do in this novel huh!”

“Wow, he is a bear all right. Using a blanket and cuddling him close to the fire. Yep! This one is my favorite so far. Cuddles and snuggles with kisses… but in the neck. Even imagining it feels soothing.”


Any news? It's been a long time since there was any news of this wonderful VN...


I’m sorry if this becomes a rude answer. Meanwhile, the game is actually really good we know that it is a hobby project. Meaning that he will work in this VN when he feels like it.

I understand the feeling to want an update already after comparing dates since the last update. But he might have been having problems or something in IRL, I do not know anything besides that it is a hobby project. So be patient, soon we will get something at least. And if the project no longer gets updates, we can create our own stories just from this, as a base.


I'm just a worried and concerned fan, just wanted to know if everything was okay since we haven't heard from Drakes for a while. 

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Same here, I just finished reading and reviewing the whole game. And do wish he can still work on it. It was a new warming experience. I also became a fan of his work. I recently read Steadfast,other work from Drakes, and it does play on someone’s hearth. Or I guess it played with my hearth.


I love you Drake, thx for creating such amazing vn 😊

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Alright, this looks interesting… I will give it a go. I do reviews, so I will take my time to see where this story is. Likewise, I know the position of this VN and I do wish to provide some insight by the current content in it. Not only that, but I do hope you Drakes can continue on this passion project as a full time thing one day. I will be honest but open-minded.

update: I have been reading and to say that I have enjoyed the journey so far is an understatement. I will need more time to organize on this one. A lot of good stuff! I have a brainstorm of 6 pages and I can’t get enough of it. If you are reading this, Give. It. A. Try. I cannot stress this enough, this is a hidden gem! I will do my review once I have organized my thoughts.

Small update 05/06/2022: It is late but, I finally finished reading all routes now it’s time to take it and review it. I should be done by today, tomorrow or a later date. Right now, I feel in the clouds~. Soon I will explain why. A wonderful feeling~


Still Im umderstand yours,I just want to see whats going on with me and the cute wild tiger,you are a veeeeeeeery Excellent Creater,and Gran is my favorite character EVER!

So pleeeeeeeease,I do not mean I do not care about the writers life,but I just want to see my tiger aftee years waiting

love you(ง •̀_•́)

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I'll wait forever this visual novel in up on my list. And I also love drakes' art.💕💕💕


I couldn't have imagined that in the leader's path  In the pre-cut scene  It looked like a dream.  I've tried all the routes and it looks like the boss's path is weirder than the others, but I still like it.


The community, Checking the page everyday expecting to see an update even if they know the truth


Hah, indeed, tho with me, I come here to check the comments and to explain to some why theres no updates yet.


You got me~


if you are not going to finish this, why start it in the first place?


He started it as a hobbie project, dude, its not a job. But mostly important, why should anyone be forced to finish or rush anything? If he ends up dropping the project, then that's it, no one can't say anything. Just relax dude, there's a lot of  VN's out there with the same aspect as this one, just chill.


One can definitely be disappointed that a project with a good story & good characters goes to waste. You sound like a GameFreak fan rn & that's disgusting.


Is that for me or for the "GoodSamaritan"? I can't really tell if you replied to me or missed the right reply button.

If its for me, then enjoy the wall of text, I challenge your to read it all, I will give you a cookie if you do! But if its not for me, then reply again and I will remove it no problem, I don't want to sound rude towards anyone. 


Oh well, yes I'm a fan, yes I enjoy the story like almost everyone else here, yes I want to see the game until its final build, but no, I'm not looking to see a story being rushed because people are demanding more and more and/or are impatient and can't wait the creator to have his personal life back in the tracks so he can be comfortable to write a good story. And yes, I will be disappointed if the story is abruptly killed so early or when its near the end (Ah.. Morenatsu... Rip Torahiko route.), but if this happens, what can we do? Punish the writer? The artist?

Rome wasn't made in one night, it too a hell of time, the same will probably be with his project, it can AND will take time. I say that not as a fan, but as a writer and as a artist myself, I'm just a guy that also do stories, personal ones and also art's, all of them are personal projects I'm not willing to show at least for now because I want to make them look hella good and without bugs and loose ends. Hell, I joined game design in college because I want to do it right! (Not to mention the colleges here are expensive as hell, you need 2 jobs to pay it correctly.. So you can imagine how much I love what I do, because I could just have choose to be a architect and earn tons of money, easily...)

When you do a project as a hobby you don't take it as a job or as a matter of life, you do it by heart and not by demand. The fucking creator of this VN said posts ago (Anyone can check that going to his profile and checking his last comment, but for the lazy one's, here's a print I just took: ) Drakes is having little time with their personal life's and stuff, we should respect that and at least wish him good luck, like a civilized being... He said the game is still being worked on at his own pace, he's a single developer as far as I know and as he said there. So let's just respect the guy and the project, lets not treat it and him like Blizzard do with WoW expansions making mistakes in the story and game itself, like Overwatch with their re-used content over the years, Gamefreak with their DLC's for Pokemons from another generations, Bandai using the same formula to kill Digimon over and over again with mobile games.

Let's leave him have his fucking time, he's a person for fuck sake, I'm tired of seeing projects go to waste because the creators felt forced to rush the development. No one wants another Anthem on the market, riiiiiight?~

This project have potential, the story so far is good and fun, it's pretty well made for a single developer! And I like the love he put on it so far! You can't change my mind on that. No one ever will..

So yeah, that's it, this all I have to say about the situation, what I think about it, how I feel about it. I could keep going on and on, it's a good training for me since English is my third language, but it's already too big for a 7 minutes of typing. I'm not going to reply here anymore, its enough. I already did my part as a person, as a fan, and as a artist.

So, God speed.

Also, here's a cookie I promised, you must be hungry after reading everything. :3


The thing is, it's been literally 10 almost 11 months since the last update. Of course people will be asking when it is. &, if not for an update from the developer that was 140 days ago, maybe we could use a new updated community post from the developer himself. People worry that the game is canceled- they don't ask to rush him, they ask because they're worried. It's always -Is the dev okay? Is the project canceled? What's going on? It's never "OMG JUST UPDATE ALREADY GRRR!"  It's been 140 days since that comment from the dev, I'm sure people don't see it anymore.


Well, I said I wouldn't reply, but yeah I understand the feeling, the worry etc. He is lacking some communication on this visual novel yes, he could just say something on twitter too.

But I don't know if its worth the long term problems if he just came here and said "Hey, still no new update, working on this IRL, project is not dead!" and then if he updates and takes another hiatus he need to come explain himself again and again every time.

Maybe if he could pin his message, or put it on the description of the VN page, maybe everyone would get it in a better way. Right now, at least with my eyes , what I see is people starting to hate, to look bad on someone's else hobby and they don't know why he put this VN on hiatus, I would understand if this was a patreon supported project, but its not the case. I guess I'm just too much used to wait and believe in people, that's why I'm taking this long waiting so easy on my end.

But yes, I understand the worry, I'm with you guys on that. And that's why I login here every day (Mostly by mistake when I press D to get discord link and it opens this page instead) to see those who don't know what's going on and tell them.


 I cant select  Roderick or Pierre for the who shall be the one selection, anyone know why?


The visual novel is still in development, you can't really select the last two because Drakes dind't really put anything for them yet, we can just wait for him to do, at least we know that they are dateable.

Ahhhhh thank you!


So... is this still being worked on?

I g

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Yeah dude... The creator said he only do anything on this game when he have free time and when he is on the MOOD for,  he take this project as a hobby as far as I noticed. Maybe at the end of the year we will have a new update, but I don't know if there will be more story for the current routes or more routes for the missing characters. I wish they do both but we cant wish for everything right? I need more Dave's story by the way.. owo

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finally a new(ish) VN that's still being updated!

edit: i'm pretty sure it's on hiatus


If the devs are anywhere near or even in a warzone, that's quite certain, yeah...

Too much crap going on outside in the real World, that can easily put creative spirits on edge and block them up. Since usually for a good story to be born into existence, it needs a certain "sense of safety" to be vulnerable enough to "listen to the Muse(s)" and bring the creative and relatively complex idea into existence...

Since with too under-complex concepts, people are far too easily getting bored - if there aren't enough layers and plot-twists, things can easily get "grindy" and too easy to predict.

Well, I hope very much, that the devs are safe and sound - and neither pandemic-victims nor war ones! <3

Cheers and hope they're alright and their cool two projects are just on pause/halt until things get better - if they ever do in our Lifetime still (yeah, there's a chance for the pessimistic outcome - "Bad End" (of all of us) - to happen, too, so I won't just focus on the hopeful/optimistic one).

These times are full of "opportunities" for "doom and gloom" - so, any uplifting story is most welcome to all of us, I'm sure...unless the creators are struggling with a challenging "story" of how their Lives are turning out. Then their well-being is far more important than our entertainment...easy and emotionally and socially most logical, i.m.h.o.


I will wait for you forever and if you have completed your degree, congratulations.😘😁


In 82 days, it's the 1 year anniversary of the last update, right?🙂

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The 2 year anniversary of the first build is also on July 


Hey Drakes just want to ask if there will be an update or will the story continue in Distant travels?


Almost a year now since the last update...


I mis this VN so much i cant wait for the next update!! :D

Im excited to see how the story goes in the future, i want to see the decisions with the orbs ^-^

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